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This is our online store, where we sell T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, mugs, bags, stickers, beer steins, boxer shorts, thongs, bumper stickers, oval stickers, magnetic stickers, clocks, mousepads, and other items with unique graphics and quotes on them, so please, take a look around!


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Check out the new section "Line Drawings Of Car Parts" with perfect gifts for yoursefl, or the gearhead in your life. We also have new products and new designs in "Boxer With A Message" section, "Thongs With A Message" section, and "One Word Says It All" section, so check them out!

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Ultimate "Do It" Sayings Collection

We have all seen the "Do It" License plates, well here is what we believe to be the Ultimate Collection of "Do It" sayings, on Clothing, Mugs, Clocks, Mouse Pads, Stickers, and much more.
60's Words

In the early 60's, as today, the young people had a different lingo and it, as today, drove our parents nuts. These are a few of the slang words that were used in the sixties.
Boxers with a Message

Quotes on Boxers! Great for all occasions. Collect them all!
Computer Quotes

Computer quotes, on your favorite styles of tees. Collect them all!
Days of the Week

These days of the week items are reminders of when we were kids and we had underwear with the days on them.
Funny But True

A mixture of these Funny but True quotes and Graohics that just make you laugh. Collect them all!
Line Drawings Of Car Parts

Line Drawings of Car Parts and Systems, on your favorite styles of tees, mugs, bags, mousepads, stickers, and even prints. Great for Gear Heads everywhere. Collect them all!
Molecule Shirts

Drawings of Molecules, on your favorite styles of tees. Collect them all!

Tell the world just how you feel about what you do to earn a living!
One Word Says It All

Sometimes all that is needed is one word to express everything. These items show that in this case less is more.

Political Thoughts on your favorite styles of tees. Collect them all!
Things that make you go Hmmm

There are things you understand, thing you don't, and then there are things that make you go Hmmmm!
Thongs with a Message

Quotes on thongs! Great for all occasions. Collect them all!

~ Detailed Section Contents ~

Boxers With A Message:

One Word Says It All


Computer Quotes:

Occupations - Real Estate

Things that make you go Hmmm

Line Drawings Of Car Parts

Risqué but Funny

Days Of The Week
English and Spanish

60's Words


Thongs with a Message

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